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2 Primary Ways to Work with Me: HEALING and GROWING

Allow me to support you along your journey of becoming your Highest Self.  Wherever you are along the path, I will meet you where you are.

HEAL: Breathwork

Our past can influence our future, it can color our present and it will taint our experience.  We may not be intentionally holding onto pain and suffering but it may very well be holding on to us. 

Breathwork is an active meditation that empowers the breather to consciously work to release unwanted, and/or not-fully-processed emotions.  

In many cases a combination of coaching and deeper healing breathwork can be the most effective treatment  for clients needing to heal past wounding and access their true Self. 

How it works:

As a part of my services, I offer both group and individual breath-work healing sessions. Breathwork is another name for Pranayama Yoga. This deep breathing meditation allows the breather to access their  inner essence; the purest source of one's true self.   When we do so, we return to love.  We have the ability to release the pain, we can dissolve the fear, relax the anxiety & forget the doubt.  

The breather remains very present and conscious through the entire experience.   As we sustain a specific patttern of  breathing, the flow of oxygen to our brain increases, and endoorfins get released and the  energy in the body begins to flow.  Each breather may experience a variety of sinsations in their body but one thing is for certain; you will not leave the session feeling the same way as you did when you walked in.   

I can create a personalized healing session based on your needs or you may like to attend a group healing  to be supported by the energy of a group. 

GROW: One-on-one Personal
(Life) Coaching

As your sister and confidant on this mission, I will lovingly guide you with many tools. I will coach you through your difficulties; I will reflect back to you, your self-limiting patterns so you may see and outgrow them. I will hold you accountable to your highest vision of your Highest Self.  

If you are a woman who is ready to apply focused action to your objective, take an unbiased look at your life, & change a few unsupportive patterns, one-on one coaching is right for you.  

In our coaching relationship, you will have the control to define the areas of your life you are having difficulty.  You will recieve guidance, accountability and inspiration  to gain clarity and work towards resolving and overcoming  the issues and obsticals that stand in your way.  You will become confident and feel empowered to create the life of your dreams.

How it works:

By clicking the button below, you will be redirected to apply for a mind-mapping session with Coach AJ.  She will help you to organize and prioritize the areas of your life and help you to better asses where to spend your energy to accomplish what you want.  You may also specify a particular area in the questionnaire you would like to recieve coaching around.

 Select the date and time that are best for you and fill out the brief questionnaire to help us get to know you better. 

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