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 I'm Amy Joy

Healer & Empowerd Living, Wholistic Life Coach Amy Joy; creator of One Centered Life

Hi!  I'm Amy Joy.. You can call me that;  Ame, AJ, AJizzle or just Amy.  :-)

I don't like labels much cause I think they box us in and limit our potential...  "And a rose by any other name would still smell as sweet..."  

-William Shakesphere

However; for the sake of introductions,  here is what I do:

 I help women to know who they are, and what they truly desire from deep within the depths of their souls and  support  them in pursuing their life's passions & higher purpose without fear and  doubt. 

MY STORY:    From an early age I had dreams of becoming a model or an artist but both of those were considered to be poor career choices by my parents. I was a tall and slinder young lady so many adults who encountered me would always ask either one or bothe of two very cliche, infamous questions... Can you guess them?  I bet you can.  "Are you a model?" or "Do you play basketball?" My response would be "no" and "no" until I finally gave into playing basketball first in high school because it was accessable to me and accepted by my parents.  Growing up in the 80's models had developed a bad reputation for being cocain and heroin adicts (thank you Gia, Club 54 & the Disco era) and my mother would not allow her daughter to have either of those fates.  So, back to the drawing board I went.

My next best dream, the dream of becoming an artist was the one which actually made my heart sing.  As a young girl, I would spend my entire weekends crafting and constructing things with my hands & heart.  I would go into my Highlights magazines and create all of the crafty projects.  I didn't notice the time passing, my whole being was completely absorbed.  In the summers I would ask my parents to register for Art camps but we never had the money.  When it came time for college and I expressed that I wanted to become an artist, it was advised against.  "You'll be a starving artist if you go that route" I was told.  So again, I heeded my parents sage advice and decided against area I had a true connectin with.

I started my college career as "planned" (I italicized this and put quotation marks around it because I always expected to go to college but me ending up there actually had very little to do with a well thought out step by step procedure. Everything was last minute.  Everything.  It's a wonder I got in).   However, I was still very much undecided in my major field of study because the two roads I actually wanted to go down felt like they had road bloacks in the way.  The values I felt I needed to uphold were financial security, abundance and respectable profession.  A career that brought me joy wasn't really a criteria upon which this decision was based. I felt I needed to make a logical decision.  My money down the road, that's what would bring me happiness, right? ... "Wrong!"  

After 8 confusing years of being undecided in my major; to declaring a major in acting, to  transfering schools, to taking a semester at a third party institution as a transient student  (and playing around & partying the whole time while I was there and not being able to transfer any of those attempted credits back), I finally graduated college in 2005 with a Bachelor of Science in Chemical Engineering.  Again; eight long years after I started.  

And you know what? Once I started my career as a Chemical Engineer, I hated it.   Yep! "Back to the drawing board." 

Once influenced by what others told me I should and should not do with my life, basing my decisions on criteria that would never actually satisfy my hapiness or my purpose in life it was time to now fulfill both.  My passion & purpose.

I had to do the hard work that I wasn't ready to do back in 1997, I had to find out who I was and what I wanted out of my life.  I had to sit in stillness and look for these answers inside of me.  

I started a meditation practice and I listend to what my spirit had to tell me about who I am.  I found teachers, and I did the daily work.  It's been years since that turning point moment in my life and it's now more clear than ever that Iam called to serve you, and others like you on your path to self actualization. 

You are the one who I am called to serve if you are someone who says these words under your breath "this cannot be it" and you know that you deserve more out of life-

You are the one I am called to serve if you have hit a plateau or a level of dissatisfaction with your current career and you realize that you were meant for something greater, that is in alignment with your life's purpose. 

You are the one I am called to serve if you are feeling unhappy, unsatisfied or unfulfilled with your current career and you are ready to make a change in your life and start living true to your soul's purpose. 

I am the coach who will take you to the next level of  your own PERSONAL success.  The kind of success that is measured by your standards and no one else's.

I will show you how to get free from the judgement of others and become true to your own inner voice and become alligned with your true essence. 

I AM a certified life coach, yogi, breathwork facilitator, artist & creator.  I AM an Earthbound-Spirit-FULL being who calls upon my resources from both realms to maximize my potential & impact. 

Allow me to share my secrets with you in a sweet, loving, sisterhood way.

Lets take a walk together as Highest-Selves, shall we?  

Let's find out what your true calling is and do the work to fulfill your life's purpose.

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